Bahasa Inggris bisnis 2

Opinions About The English Language
English is the language used by the world of communication between countries, and therefore every citizen residents should be able to speak English, but English should not be used as a primary language when we are our own country, as we in Indonesia not to make English as a core language but make English as a second language that we use every day, because every country has different languages and each region also has the country’s different languages therefore and teach English as our needs, because the language English will be very useful in a day.
We have already introduced English from a young berbahas ranging from easy words to parents with different words, but not all citizens or residents can speak English, despite being introduced as a child so many parents send their children to learn additional or we often call with les.
we also should not be fixated on only two English-language course that is Indonesia, but we have to learn other languages because we might someday be assigned to other countries that can not English and he uses the language of his own country and we are ready or able to speak the language.

Opinions About The English Language

I think an effective learning English is
1. should know that learning English is very useful for my future
2. have to get used to learn at least 10 minutes every day is better than learning just two hours once a week, but if we are lazy to read or learn to try to get used to reading a newspaper or read the comics and the like or sing or speak english exercises
3. love the English language and enjoy it
4. pray


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